Singapore is one of the largest MNC hubs in the world, and the reason behind it is its business-friendly environment. Singapore’s secure and stable trade & commerce, low tax rates, it’s no red tape and bureaucracy system as well as the prestige, reliability and a sense of integrity makes it a powerful country.

As a specialized provider of corporate services, we understand the various types of business or company structures available to our clients. You can rest assured our team of professionals will find you a business structure that best suits your needs.

We are committed to provide the following services for the entities that suited you:

• Full assistance in completing the application which are compliant to the framework of the approving authorities

• Prepare and file all the necessary paperwork

• Be a first point of contact for all the clarifications and queries raised by the authorities

• Application for the employment pass for the employees who will be relocating to Singapore

• Assistance in opening a bank account with any of the banks in Singapore

• Assistance in renewal of the license

• Assistance in converting the representative office to a subsidiary or a branch office



Branch A legal extension of the parent company affects unlimited liabilities for the primary foreign company
Subsidiary A locally incorporated, private limited liabilities company in Singapore, whose majority shareholder is a local or a foreign company
Representative Office Liaison office which has no legal status set up in Singapore before making a huge investment


General Partnership A legal relationship between two or more persons who carry on a business with the objective of making profit and sharing it between them
Limited Partnership Attractive to investors who do not wish to take active roles in the management of business and who wish to entrust the management of business to someone else who assumes unlimited liability
Limited Liability Partnership (LLP) Combines the operational flexibility of a partnership with the limited liability features of a company


Private Limited (‘Pte Ltd’) Companies Private Limited Liability (PLL) company with number of shareholders is limited to 50 or less and has restrictions on the right to transfer its shares
Public Company Number of shareholders can be more than 50 and may raise capital by offering shares and debentures to the public


This business entity structure is suitable for the individuals who wish to carry out a small business with all the profits, losses and liabilities underlying the owner responsibilities.



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